Earthquake in Christchurch

What a contrast between the chaos and destruction caused by the Haiti earthquake (7.0) and that of the shallower and stronger Christchurch quake (7.1). Haiti: over 200,000 dead. Christchurch: no deaths. Haiti: 300,000 seriously injured, Christchurch: two seriously injured. There are other such contrasting statistics relating to the numbers of homes and buildings destroyed, people displaced and children orphaned. A major contributing factor to the differences must be that the quake in Haiti occurred at 21:53 while people were still out and about and the Christchurch quake occurred at 04:35 so most people were in their homes. However, these startling contrasts must stand testament to the stringent building codes and practices enforced in Christchurch. Haiti continues to receive much needed international aid including aid from Rose Charities but perhaps aid is also need to improve and maintain their building standards and practices.

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