Mongolian Rally .. the first 3 weeks for Khan-Touch-This and its intrepid NZ team !



First three weeks through Europe and Turkey to Georgia 

After leaving the UK the participants re-grouped for another party in a castle near Prague and again on a beach in Romania.  Our three then headed off to Suceava in Western Romania in order to go north around the Black Sea only to find they could not get a visa for Moldovia.  Why? !

They then headed back down the Southern Route via a beach in Bulgaria

pic2Burst a tyre on the way (only five spares left) and then headed off to Istanbul where they finally got their visa for Iran.  They have a fridge but would like the Air Con.

After a no doubt steamy long drive they reached the middle of Turkey investigated the fascinating underground city of Derinkuyu which wasdiscovered in 1963.  It could accommodate 10,000 people, had about 20 underground levels, had its own wells and ventilation system as well as an 8km pic3tunnel to another underground city.

And nearby rock churches and interesting geology

They then went to Georgia and visited a city ‘Batumi’ at the furthest end of the Black Sea before heading for Tbilisi- poor roads and they don’t have a map but they are now off to Armenia.

pic5Meanwhile they have gone (slightly) native and bought the male version of harem pants …in gold.

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