The Power of Small:  (Narrated and produced by Trish Gribben (Author and ex Rose Charities NZ Chair ) and Hannah Walker Walker (editor and technical director) 

Kia Ora!  Welcome to Rose Charities New Zealand

Who are we?

Rose Charities New Zealand helps where the need is great. We are a registered, non-profit charity who is part of an international, secular, hands-on group of 14 branches, founded by field workers who hated seeing bureaucracy and waste in many aid projects.

How do we work?

We are all volunteers who want to make a difference in the poorest parts of the world. We work with projects that have strong local leadership and dedicated volunteers. We support them as they find their own solutions to the problems of poverty. Our role is to find the resources and skills to help them. These communities are able to stretch a small donation to achieve miracles.

We have NO admin costs, no frills, no advertising or travel allowances.


What do we do?

Our mission statement can be summed up as being kind to people who have next to nothing.

  • Rose Charities NZ supports an eye clinic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which has seen more than 150,000 patients since 2002. Each year about 10,000 patients attend the clinic and 3,500 receive eye surgery.
  • Rose Charities NZ also supports an eye clinic near Lumbini, Nepal (the birthplace of Buddha) which has a catchment of 20 million poor people.
  • Rose Charities NZ has sent grief and trauma counsellor Liese Groot-Alberts to several countries, including Samoa to give support after the tsunami.
  • In New Zealand, we support a refugee education programme, refugee family reunification, early intervention for children with multiple disabilities, a home for teenage mothers in Christchurch and a school breakfast programme in South Auckland. Rose has recently bought a cello for Sistema, the music programme for children in South Auckland.

Rose Charities New Zealand is a member of the Rose Charities International Network which links 14 countries.

What makes us different:

  • We have NO overhead costs because of our committed volunteers who donate their services.
  • We have flexibility to support initiatives where the need is great.
  • We are part of the Rose International Network who support each other and their projects.
  • No salaries, no travel costs, no advertising, no frills.

 What you can do:

  • Become informed: learn about what is happening in the poorest communities around the world.
  • Donate: Help us support local initiatives by making a donation.
  • Volunteer: Assist us with fundraising and other activities.