The Power of Small:  (Narrated and produced by Trish Gribben (Author and ex Rose Charities NZ Chair ) and Hannah Walker Walker (editor and technical director) 

 Haere rā:   Farewell  to Rose Charities New Zealand

 Rose Charities New Zealand is closing. Age is setting in and we the trustees and have found that, in this changing world finding those younger and so motivated to take take our places, an impossible task.

Closure though comes with heads held high. In our 21 years, thousands of people have been helped both world wide and in NZ . Many of these people can n ow see again, many have new jobs, small businesses, many young people educated, mental pain alleviated, arts promoted, immigrants helped, disability problem assisted. The story has been one of success thanks to the pragmatism and hands-on field oriented paradigm of the organization focused on maximum personal involvement and cost effectiveness. Most of the trustees have traveled, at their own expense (or oneself raised specifically donated funds into difficult conditions to train, teach, support and help administer. They have done it all in the true ‘NZ way’, quietly, effectively, uncomplainingly , simply getting ‘out there and doing it’ , and as a side-effect so confirming NZ’s huge reputation as a perhaps the most logical, practical and caring nations in the world family

Are we sad, yes, Are we proud, very , are we grateful to so many who have joined, assisted, traveled with us on our journey – enormously, beyond any measure. It is impossible to mention everyone though PIF must have special mention for incredible support at every level. Guys, words cannot thank you enough.

Do we celebrate though, yes. We leave behind many people who’s lives we have changed (including our own !), many ties and links to individuals and communities where we have crossed pathways, the knowledge that we have extracted real, field level value to the absolute maximum from every donation whatever size, so generously given, and a huge number of real lasting friendships that cross both borders and distance. What better way end.

Everything has a beginning and an end and the shoots of one grow forth from the other. While a named organization may go its, way, friendships, gratitude, fulfillment, and the spirit of the wonderful two way bridge (giving and receiving both ways) don’t die.

And the Rose Charities world family will continue in its other organizations and programs. The star of Rose Charities NZ, with its exemplary and effective implementation of programs burns acutely now ans always in the history of Rose, and the Rose world always knows it can draw support from its NZ friends and supporters even if not now under one roof, if it can needed. What better. 

10th February 2022