Anne George

Anne George with family

Anne George.  Rose Charities N.Z

Annes connection with Rose Charities NZ has been through her work with the Poonga School in Auckland.

Poonga was formed in 2003 as a resettlement programme for Tamils living in New Zealand.  As part of Poonga, we now run a preschool, Tamil school, bridging education, youth group and parents group.   The preschool is run under the Ministry of Education.   To ensure effective resettlement, Anne  works with the wider refugee and non-refugee communities throughout New Zealand.   Poonga is run entirely by volunteers.

Anne has been a generous supporter too of Rose Charities Sri Lanka donating her family home in Jaffna for project work to help the community
Anne will be representing Rose Charities N.Z at the forthcoming Penang International Conference,  March 21-25 2012.
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