Recovering from the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 will take years in that poor country where millions of people live in remote, isolated villages and where government and infrastructure is lacking.

Rose Charities Canada has been spearheading immediate disaster relief, see right.

Rose Charities NZ Trustees are in close contact with their many friends in Nepal.  We are determined to do what we can to be most effective with our limited resources.

There are many aid agencies offering support. Rose Charities NZ endorses the work of the Himalayan Trust of New Zealand whose work is a legacy from Sir Edmund Hillary.  The Himalayan Trusts’ efforts are particularly concentrated in the Solu Khumbu region, on the way to Mt Everest east of Kathmandu.

A couple who live in Kathmandu who are well known to Rose chairperson Trish Gribben, Nima and Tsewang Tsering are setting up a charity to help children in need to get primary education and to give ongoing support through to secondary and tertiary education. Tsewang is an experienced teacher. It will take a few weeks for their charity to be registered.

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Basant’s Eye Clinic


On August 29, 2014, the Shree Badri Eye Centre near Lumbini, Nepal, directed by Dr Basant Sharma, received
its official blessing and opening ceremony. It has taken years of patience dealing with the Nepali bureaucracy for
Dr Basant to reach this auspicious day. Thanks to many generous donors, Rose Charities NZ has provided the clinic with a generator and electricity back-up system, absolutely crucial for eye surgery in a country where power runs extremely erratically and is off for hours, if not days, on end.
We have also provided funds for four hospital beds, a wheelchair, stretcher, two wooden beds, two trolleys,
four benches, a computer and printer and other small items.
When Dr Basant has his clinic running smoothly for paying patients he intends to do free work for the very
poor, including health education and outreach clinics.
Ever since he visited New Zealand in 2008, and stayed with Rose Chairperson Trish Gribben in Auckland.


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